Los Angeles Liposuction

Technology in liposuction within Los Angeles has created amazing advances that were thought impossible just a decade ago. Our lifestyle changes, medical advances, and technological breakthroughs have enabled us to feel younger and more vital through middle age and beyond. Our appearance, however, frequently stifles our youthful spirit…


Today Liposuction Los Angeles is one of the most comprehensive, state of the art laser and aesthetic surgery centers of its kind in the world, particularly in Los Angeles. Epione is designed to offer liposuction to clients in comfort, convenience and privacy. We have specialized in the most current technology available for skin, hair, and body contouring.

Our staff is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of personal attention and care. We work as a team with you to restore or create the desired appearance.

Liposuction Los Angeles

Welcome to Liposuction Option, a comprehensive guide to guidelines and philosophy towards Los Angeles Liposuction. The articles here will take you through different Liposuction procedures i.e., Laser Liposuction, Abdomen / Flanks Liposuction, Liposuction of the Face and Neck, Chin Liposuction, Liposuction of Arms, Liposuction of Thighs, Male Liposuction and more that are provided in Los Angeles.

Non-Surgical Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat from the body. It removes specific fat deposits from underneath the skin. These fat deposits may cause the body to appear disproportionate or unbalanced. Even people who are otherwise healthy can have unwanted fat as a result of aging or heredity. Such fat is usually resistant to diet and exercise, but can be removed by liposuction. Los Angeles Liposuction, as a body sculpting procedure removes fat from specific areas of the body to change the body’s contour. A selective removal of fat deposit sculpts the body and gives patients an aesthetically pleasing and balanced shape. For example, liposuction may eliminate large hips to create balance between the upper and lower body. Liposuction that is provided in Los Angeles can be also performed on smaller areas, such as the chin.

Our range of services include:

Liposuction Laser Liposuction Smart Liposuction
Non Surgical Liposuction Liposonix Thermage
Velashape Zeltiq Zerona
Ultrashape Abdomen Flanks Liposuction Chin Liposuction
Hydro Water Jet Liposuction Laser Assisted Liposuction Liposuction of Arms
Liposuction of Face and Neck Liposuction of Thighs Male Liposuction
Stretch Mark Treatment Treatment for Vitiligo Mesotherapy
Non Invasive Liposuction Vaser Liposuction Laser Stretch Mark Removal
Laser Hair Removal Acne Scarring Treatment Facial Hair Removal For Men
Hyperpigmentation Dermatologist Laser treatment for acne
Plastic Surgery Keloids Facelift
Botox Juvederm vs Restylane

Liposuction Los Angeles Ca – Non Surgical Lipo Options

The field of cosmetic surgery has made advancements to come out with fat removal techniques that may use non-surgical lipo options. Some of these liposuction techniques that are provided in Los Angeles Ca include:


LipoFreeze targets fat cells to destruct and naturally eliminate them. Being a non-invasive procedure, the patient is free from potential side-effects of traditional liposuction techniques.


Liposonix uses high-intensity ultrasound focused at abdomen and love handles to get rid of fat without surgery. Results may take 8-­12 weeks to appear.


Zerona effectively remove excess fat without any side effects associated with traditional liposuction techniques. It uses cold laser technology to emulsify fat and allow it to move to interstitial space. Though originally developed to assist tumescent liposuction procedures, it helped patients reduce inches from their waist, hip and thighs.


Excilis is a revolutionary non-invasive form of treatment for the reshaping of targeted fat deposits. It may complement pre- and post- treatment in traditional liposuction techniques. It postpones or eliminates the need for surgery in patients with mild to moderate fat deposits.

We base ourselves as the leading Liposuction Los Angeles CA company when it comes to the range of Liposuction options.