Hydro Lipo Water Jet Liposuction Los Angeles

HydroLipo or water jet liposuction in Los Angeles is one of the many liposuction techniques available used by surgeons. Like in every other liposuction, fat deposits are removed from beneath the skin to give a contoured look. The procedure is ideal for those who are in good physical shape and do not look at liposuction as a weight loss measure


Water jet liposuction uses a slightly pressurized stream of saline to dislodge fat and simultaneously remove the cells. It neither injects the body with tumescent fluid to remove the fat cells using a cannula, nor does it use laser to melt and dislodge the fat. Hydro Lipo / Water Jet Liposuction Los Angeles insists that instead of destroying fat cells, the procedure loosens the fat cells to facilitate more gentle removal.

Los Angeles Hydro Lipo / Water Jet Liposuction

HydroLipo injects a mixture of saline and local anesthetic into the body area to be treated. This fluid mixture is effective and is being used by other liposuction technologies also. In water jet liposuction, it uses different processes to actually remove the fat and manage fluid levels. Once the local anesthesia is injected, a cannula is then inserted into the tissue to suction out the fat cells from the body.hydro-lipo-water-jet-liposuction-los-angeles

Finally, any remaining fluid is removed. The Los Angeles Hydro Lipo / Water Jet Liposuction procedure is considered gentle and less invasive as the force applied is less than that required in traditional liposuction. There is very little bruising or swelling and the procedure has a very short recovery time.

Hydro Lipo / Water Jet Liposuction Los Angeles Ca

This is one liposuction technique that does not require general anesthetic, thereby reducing risks to the patient and overall costs. Also, as the fluid is managed, the surgeon can do a more detailed anatomical assessment while performing the procedure. This helps to achieve excellent results. The procedure doesn’t cause the treated area to swell up, so the surgeon can better assess how the patient is coping after the procedure.

However, before undergoing HydroLipo, discussing the procedure with the doctor ensures that the procedure is well understood and the patient is aware of any risks associated. Hydro Lipo / Water Jet Liposuction Los Angeles Ca insists that the patient should get answers to any questions they ask.